The Treaty on the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space


The leaders of Russia and China have initiated a TREATY TO PREVENT THE PLACEMENT OF WEAPONS IN OUTER SPACE. Now is the time to support their efforts to get this signed into a binding world law. This updated Treaty incorporates the best language and intention of all relevant previous, current and proposed treaties. It is is ready to be signed and ratified into a binding world law with no controversy, distractions or debates.

This is the most unique time in all of history, before weapons get placed above all our heads in space, as now it is technologically, politically and economically feasible to get this done. The banning of ALL space-BASED weapons frees up budgets, hearts and brains to create a new kind of Space Age peacetime stimulated economy with new jobs and training programs based on a creating Space Age innovative marketplace of products and services that can be directly applied to solving urgent and potential problems of human and animal needs, our environment, and new energy sources, plus more. And the new security system that will emerge will be based on the cooperation and collaboration model already existing in space. The benefits and opportunities for everyone are unlimited.

Unfortunately, there are some who still have an accelerated plan in motion with intention to deploy space-based weapons, to dominate and control everyone and every thing on earth and in space from space. Let’s reach out to them to show them our full spectrum vision that is more grand, powerful, and beneficial than during any hot or cold wartime that causes so much suffering and destruction.

Fortunately, many are waking up to facts and truths that are being courageously unveiled that open minds and hearts. The new peaceful vision of peace on earth and in space will be expanded as people including decision makers realize how easy it is going to be to suddenly pivot the course of history from war to space, as weapons are banned from space. Already, over 100 country leaders have announced their commitment to not be first to place weapons in space. Every country in Latin America and the Caribbean have signed a Treaty banning all nuclear weapons from their boundaries. Over 500 astronauts and cosmonauts who might be considered “enemies” on this planet, live and work happily together, enjoying only cooperation and collaboration in space. This is the new civil, commercial, military and entrepreneurial model with new roles for living together in peace with love on our garden water planet. This can be a whole new platform for candidates, national and world leaders, as well as for local communities around the globe.

It is time for us to learn in the context of galactic education, regarding how to live in service in this Space Age in a higher frequency of consciousness in peace and in healthy, happy, sustainable living conditions.

Yes, Peace is Possible in 2016, for all, as we work together to help get this Treaty to Prevent the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space signed into a binding world law.

There are no weapons based in space, no evil aliens coming, and we have this one chance, no matter what, to get this official ban on all space-based weapons signed into a binding world law.

This blog is going to focus on our sharing of ideas and updates, news, steps we can and are taking, new space visions and activities aimed at replacing the weapons of war industry and mindset, new thinkers, facts and truths regarding who we really are in the cosmos, and on the Treaty signing and ratification process that will pivot the course of history and lead to the biggest world peace celebration ever!

Space holds the keys to peace on earth!

In Honor of Dr. Edgar Mitchell
400 Whales Stranded On Beach, New Zealand