Dr Steven Greer’s update: Info beyond where he has ever gone before

Do not miss Dr. Steve Greer on The Carol Rosin Show, September 15, 2017, as Dr. Steven Greer goes beyond where he has ever gone before in this comprehensive packed update and overview, including his three part “TO DO, now. He tells us about what’s really going on right now regarding UFO’s, and about what we can and need to get done locally, nationally, around the world and in the context higher universal being perspective and cosmic one consciousness, and why.

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Whats really going on in Outer space

Dr. David Livingston, “Dr. Space,” is the guest on a DO NOT MISS Carol Rosin Show. This is a great factual, truthful update on what is REALLY going on in outer space!  Dr. Livingston addresses conspiracies and disinformation and provides ample facts that we have a desperate need to know. As he emphatically says, this is the time for us all to realize that each of us is responsible for what happens in that space above all our heads.

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Expanding worldview & earth consciousness

with Carol Rosyn, Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D., and Dr. Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D., MS.Sc.
discuss new facts and findings of futurism by leading scientists covering various areas ranging from new technologies to the powers of the mind.

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Rick Simpson: The Truth About Cannabis And How It Can Save This Planet

Rick Simpson, a true hero in our time, world-famous inventor of what has come to be known as “Rick Simpson Oil” (RSO). This is a marvelous cannabis oil that has healed countless individuals around the world of multiple serious illnesses.

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Jaime Maussan's Urgent Personal Message/Facts/Vision-Re Possible ET Mummies

International award-winning investigative journalist, Jaime Maussan, releases world changing evidence about Peruvian discovered mummies that do not look like human…here, in this interview, Jaime presents this in his most personal, deeply intimate and heartfelt way.

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