Whats really going on in Outer space

Dr. David Livingston, “Dr. Space,” is the guest on a DO NOT MISS Carol Rosin Show. This is a great factual, truthful update on what is REALLY going on in outer space!  Dr. Livingston addresses conspiracies and disinformation and provides ample facts that we have a desperate need to know. As he emphatically says, this is the time for us all to realize that each of us is responsible for what happens in that space above all our heads.

He discusses examples of ongoing projects in civil, commercial, military and entrepreneurial exploration and developments, and decisions relating to these developments. He addresses the vital importance of how space impacts and benefits all our lives. Here is a picture of a possible exciting future in space that will provide amazing opportunities for all life on earth. Space is a very complex subject made simple by Dr. Livingston, who has written countless papers and made many contributions to books and speeches about aspects of space development that include economics and commerce, tourism, policies and laws, and the rich benefits for humanity as we develop and explore the vastness of space. He has interviewed over 3000 experts on The Space Show, a show that he founded and hosts in over 50 countries. Dr. Livingston shares with us his provocative insights and his wisdom to help us understand what is happening on our planet and in space now and how our voyage into space can and will impact all our futures! 

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