Urgent Info updates by Gary Walton

Gary Walton, on this Carol Rosin Show, presents most shocking & important news about what has happened and is happening every day on our planet. You must have the courage to hear this! This is only one week’s example! Truly mind-blowing! Urgent! Updated continually!

Detailed truth & facts everyone has a need to know what you won’t hear and summarized this way in media. Relevant information to where you live, to your plans, to what you eat & drink & breathe, to your health and death process. This is happening now. Here is proof! Includes info about HUGE die-offs of millions of animals all of the world happening EVERY day including major earth-water-air changes, extended amounts of volcanoes-extreme weather conditions, Fukushima, toxins, navigation/senses not working…impacting to all humans and all animal processes… with shocking real photos… If you want the real facts with proof this is real, if you have the courage to hear this, and know how important it is for all ages and cultures to know about what has already happened and is happening every day, listen to this, and network this to your friends, families, colleagues, local to country decision makers in every field.

Note: Listen for an announcement about Gary Walton and go to his site daily for updates, http://www.thebigwobble.org , who will be hosting his new show on http://americanfreedomradio.com



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