Dangerous CIA Infiltration, truth revealed by Robbie Graham

The truth revealed courageously by Robbie Graham in this vitally important and time sensitive interview about CIA and in the Military Industrial Government infiltration and control pf movies & TV, and minds, dangerously influences not just Ufology and exopolitics, but every aspect of our lives including our inability to stop perpetual wars.

ROBBIE GRAHAM, author of one of the most important books or our time, “SILVER SCREEN SAUCERS: SORTING FACT FROM FANTASY IN HOLLYWOOD,” in this pivotal, timely interview unravels and reveals detailed truth about how the CIA, the Space Command, and the Military Industrial Government Complex literally infiltrates and intentionally manipulates and controls our minds and actions through the spinning of facts into well-funded fiction so that people will actually believe that the fiction is factual, especially via movies, documentaries and TV. Outright lie-based beliefs and carefully taught perspectives are prevailing today, as Graham discusses the intentional spreading of disinformation, for specific interests and purposes and self and corporate interests, and more. Sadly, fiction is often widely accepted as reality. And decisions impacting all of our lives have resulted in horrid consequences around the world.

Graham discusses how, through his extraordinary research of history to the present, Hollywood UFO movies and TV shows have influenced decision makers & people, including those involved in or following the fiction being presented via exopolitics and ufology, and through various public relations efforts, often employing all kinds of adults, children and media to spread fear and support stories about created false enemies. Such viewpoints develop into invented reasons for supporting weapons and wars, while keeping positive the "images" of those who are actually doing this manipulating. Graham courageously discusses examples fictional stories that so many believe are truths even though they are pure fiction. And he discusses how and who promote fear of UFO’s and ET’s. This interview is profoundly important at this very moment in time when our survival is at stake if this mindset continues, and at this time when peace on earth and in space is necessary if the human species is to survive. He provides some suggested ideas for what can be done. The time is now to hear this very very important special interview to hear and network.

Robbie Graham website: http://silverscreensaucers.uk/

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