Rick Simpson: The Truth About Cannabis And How It Can Save This Planet

Rick Simpson, a true hero in our time, world-famous inventor of what has come to be known as “Rick Simpson Oil” (RSO). This is a marvelous cannabis oil that has healed countless individuals around the world of multiple serious illnesses.

It is the most extraordinary FREE medicine on the planet. Rick has launched a global revolution to help people live and work in a higher frequency of consciousness by presenting information that will pivot the course of history and liberate us from the medical/pharmaceutical cartel. Who doesn’t want a plant that heals cancer? Who doesn’t want peace and freedom? He explains how our laws are substantially to blame for the extinction process we are all experiencing.

How to get out of this mess? Repeal the laws!  Educate about and spread the truth, now!!!  Harmless, non-addictive RSO can easily be made in homes and communities around the world where we and our environment are sick and suffering and need this plant. Rick discusses how cannabis has historically been used for healing serious conditions doctors say are incurable. Our very humanity requires us to expose the disinformation, distractions, greed, and corruption preventing the use of RSO…and to free this plant, and ourselves. The entire war industry can be converted now.

Cannabis can literally heal and save our planet: provide food, shelter, jobs, and peace for all! But people, including decision makers, are betrayed and misled by those with vested interests and carefully taught “beliefs” that are based on lies. We do not get vital information, or the facts, including how THC (not CBD!) is what cures cancer! We are programmed to live in fear…dumbed down and controlled. Thus greed and ignorance continue to poison us and our planet.

The good news, thanks to Rick Simpson, is that thousands are waking up around the world. Rick discusses how the use of RSO has produced countless proven miracles: the cure for cancer, MS, asthma, arthritis, heart problems, inflammation, pain, diabetes, PTSD, autism, insomnia, and so much more. Humanity must unite around cannabis. 

It is time! But it is up to each of us to network this knowledge around the world! His books are available via his site and on Amazon. And much more information is on his official website www.phoenixtears.ca, including “how to” make RSO at home!  Medicinal or recreational, it’s time now to up our immune systems…to take a little RSO every day to detox and be healthy: i.e., to be free to grow and use every plant capable of restoring our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Support this extraordinary man. Listen to his story. Buy and read his books: Phoenix Tears-The Rick Simpson Story, and Nature’s Answers for Cancer. 

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