Jean-Christophe Jeauffre

The special guest this week on The Carol Rosin Show is Jean-Christophe Jeauffre, award-winning motion picture and documentary producer, director, and writer. This is an interview you’ll want to hear from beginning to end and network. Jean-Christophe, born in France, shares his observations and intimate, candid thoughts, ideas and messages from his world travel shooting documentaries and movies from in the Arctic to under the ocean to the jungles of the Amazon, even to his eye to eye friendship with a curious whale.

In this wide-ranging conversation, he covers current politics between Europe and the U.S. and around the world. Through the eyes of a powerful filmmaker who loves to explore, venture and to look into the secrets of Nature, Humanity, and other animals, he helps us to understand, in a whole new way, the desperately important elements that are totally missing from general media coverage. We, humans, are causing untold destruction because we do not recognize that we are born of and are part of Mother Nature, and that to survive, we must accept our role as caretakers of all life, including all animal life, on our fragile planet.

As an environmentalist and participant in his expeditions and adventures, his films demonstrate how we can live together in harmony and in peace both on this planet and even inevitably with our cosmic neighbors.

In this moment in time when there is so much horrific suffering and destruction, frustration, fear, depression, poverty and the basic struggles for survival, amidst all the disinformation and distractions, Jean-Christophe has found, with his honest and heartfelt intelligence and profound wisdom, a way for us to rethink how we can control our destiny. How, indeed, we have no choice! To survive now, to finally be really happy and healthy, we must fearlessly, courageously embark on new explorations and share information and ideas, create the new reality we want, ourselves, using the internet and all new forms of communication, to embrace new awareness and forthcoming innovations that can awaken us, so that we can educate the children in new ways, who will design and create a new system, so that we, too, will be able to appreciate and experience the beauty hidden deep within the oceans and forests of our unique planet, from exploring other cultures, too, and then as we ultimately will enjoy travel to and explore deep space.

He discusses how in this moment in time we are all ready for sustainable environments and beautiful ways of living on our paradise planet, and for the calm he has experienced on his adventures.

Stay tuned for more! Here are inspiring and amazing stories, with his very personal thoughts and feelings expressed, and with his reasons for being involved in writing, producing and directing a list of special documentaries and movies that include his messages to help us all, especially the children, move towards sustainable environments and beautiful ways of living all over what can be our paradise planet. To name just a few of his award winners: “Whales of Atlantis,” “100 Years Under the Sea,” “Explorers: From the Titanic to the Moon,” and most recently the movie, “Passage to Mars.” Join Jean-Christophe Jeauffre, Co-founder of Jules Verne Adventures, as he offers us all his incredible vision of a new state of forthcoming PEACE and FREEDOM.

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