Inside Uncensored Intelligence with Mike Harris

Very special guest Mike Harris joined us for a discussion on uncensored intelligence and what most don't know but you will know. Mike is editor of Veterans Today. Mike is als a radio host with Veterans Today and is a political, financial, defense, science and technology and international expert.


What's really happening on our planet!

Who/How/Why are infrastructures and life support systems being destroyed?

This is the best intelligence reporting ever by Mike Harris, international political/financial/science and technology expert and Editor of "Veteran’s Today," in additional to the brief and vitally important weekly facts updates by Gary Walton, . This is the uncensored TRUTH about what is really going on in the whole global Complex and on this planet. It is a foundation that we all have a serious need to know....including about our sustainable survival or extinction. There will be a follow-up providing, even more details. Stay tuned to The Carol Rosin Show on listener supported American Freedom Radio.

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