Dr. Guy McPherson - Sound the Alarm

March 31, 2017, DR. GUY MCPHERSON FACT UPDATE and personal journey thoughts on THE CAROL ROSIN SHOW are profoundly important and fascinating.  So many issues of concern and subjects are packed into this. 

You will hear why it is important to not to be attached to solutions and outcomes, why it’s important to have a world cultures viewpoint, about getting sustainable and living “differently” due to so many rapid changes irreversibly taking place.  This is fact, not fiction, with details related the vital to know truth about this very real time of “extinction.”  With a bit of a sense of humor in the show, and an ultimate state of major seriousness, it is a show not to be missed.  Note: There will, soon, be a forthcoming important follow-up show with Guy McPherson on The Carol Rosin Show, so check it out to hear that next show, too.   STAY TUNED!!!
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