Dolphin Hero/Academy Award Winner RIC O'BARRY

This is THE best and most heartfelt presentation EVER! Special guest on The Carol Rosin Show (5-19-17) is Richard “Ric” O’Barry, an icon and legendary hero alive in our time. Courageously speaking the truth, taking life risking actions, and spreading a DON’T BUY TICKETS to captive dolphin events or locations movement, that is working (!), Ric was the first dolphin trainer in the world.

After his stint in the U.S. Navy working with dolphins, while not knowing “how to” he was hired to train the five dolphins that played Flipper in the famed 50's hit TV series. When “Cathy,” one of the Flipper dolphins, committed suicide in his arms, Ric “got” what we were doing to these amazing animals and he left the show to create The Dolphin Project. For many decades, the mission of the Project has been to educate about these beautiful creatures and, ultimately, to free captive dolphins back into the wild. This is about FREEDOM! His books Behind the Dolphin, To Free a Dolphin, and his many works detail the tragedy of these animals who experience communication and relationships, and every emotion humans experience: despair, depression, frustration and stress when separated from family, too often seeing their families and fellows slaughtered, or forced to entertain...always for food! His film, The Cove, won the Academy Award for Feature Documentary.

On this show, Ric announces a possible forthcoming feature film, with actors, that will expose the fact that there are still dolphins in captivity, and still extensive bloody dolphin slaughters. And, of course, what is impacting dolphins is impacting all life on our Mother Earth, by a few. He now resides in Denmark. Yet, at 77, he still travels the world inspiring and teaching about what we learn from dolphins: our mutual survival needs for uncontaminated clean live food, water, air, environmental stability and peace. This is not about dolphins only! It’s about the fact that we humans can make choices, but captive dolphins cannot. But financial gain, self and corporate interests, and politics have blocked many efforts to release these prisoners from their intolerable confinement.

As Ric says, “The bastards are wrong and they know it!” He still says YES to invitations to participate in non-confrontational protests around the globe focusing, for one of his examples, on the horrific dolphin kills still taking place for months, every year, in Taiji, Japan. While appreciating the general Japanese public, he suggests that perhaps during the Japan Olympics time a huge media protest action could take place. As part of his intention to pass the torch to younger generations, Ric has resources on his blog guide books for children, books, videos, information and updated news, and products to help him raise donations and funds. Volunteer. Please network this show worldwide to help Ric and the mission of The Dolphin Project.  And spread the word: DON’T BUY TICKETS!


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