Urgent Info updates by Gary Walton

Gary Walton, on this Carol Rosin Show, presents most shocking & important news about what has happened and is happening every day on our planet. You must have the courage to hear this! This is only one week’s example! Truly mind-blowing! Urgent! Updated continually!

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Urgent Call To All World Leaders: Our Planet Is In Crisis! Hon. Paul Hellyer With Carol Rosin

The Honourable Paul Hellyer, former National Minister of Defense, Canada and author of 14 books, presents profoundly important new information, shares some of his life story with new personal reflections and new insights, and calls on all Presidents, Prime Ministers and decision makers around the world

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Inside Uncensored Intelligence with Mike Harris

Very special guest Mike Harris joined us for a discussion on uncensored intelligence and what most don't know but you will know. Mike is editor of Veterans Today. Mike is als a radio host with Veterans Today and is a political, financial, defense, science and technology and international expert.

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Interview with Dr. Rima Laibow and Gary Walton

Who Killed General Bert Stubblebine? Dr. Rima Laibow tells all:  important health & hospital  information and Gary Walton shares his shocking update - On The Carol Rosin Show   2/10/17

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