Human Extinction Inevitable, by DR Guy Mcpherson

“TIME TO SAY GOOD-BYE” (with compassion and love) is THE BEST updated and detailed information presentation, plus with his heartfelt personal summary, EVER delivered by DR GUY MCPHERSON, honored and courageous rare icon in our time, on The Carol Rosin Show, May 5, 2017. 

The irreversible reality and consequences of man-made decisions he discusses have brought us all into the state of experiencing this extinction process. He explains what his list of 69 feedback loops are, and how only one of them alone could cause the end of the human species.

Dr. McPherson has given countless speeches and interviews, published widely, but NOW is the time when it is vitally important for everyone alive to hear this uncensored truth, this understanding, with urgency, about what has already happened and what is happening, so that each of us can intelligently choose how to live, right now.

It is too late to change the direction…no God or ET or innovation is going to reverse this course. Seems to be impossible to educate the uneducable about the fact that this human extinction process is ongoing and inevitable. Most don’t yet realize, or don’t want to know what is going on! But it us not too late for those who do and can hear, to adjust and perhaps change our own lives, accordingly, as we become aware that in the blink of an eye, or within the next hours, days, weeks, months, or few very short years, for sure, human extinction is near. While this is not a fear mongering talk, it’s actually about love and compassion along with these facts, Dr. McPherson explains, clearly, information about why humans can only survive on this planet for about nine more years or less, with evidence, proof that we are IN this process of extinction, experiencing it now, and with facts regarding why nothing and nobody, no matter what the beliefs or innovations are, can change this.

The facts presented here may be shocking to some, but this is also potentially life changing in a most positive way, around the world, to those who will wake-up during this talk. (Maybe this information, instead of some supposed enemy or other threat, could bring the world together into a world at peace with love!) This truth is especially relevant to those who have still been living under the manipulated disinformation being spread around, under the fictions out there as though the fictions are facts. Even some have been listening to supposed do-gooders, like from groups like and others who are not presenting the whole truth or the real facts. The fact is, we live under a canopy of manipulated beliefs, illusions, delusions, and outright lies on which so many base their lives and purposes of the community or national decision-making levels. Meanwhile, 100-200 species per day are disappearing, amazing earth changes from climate change are happening causing so much suffering on this planet, news that most know nothing about.

The impacts of the incredible facts presented here, regardless of what people know or don’t want to know or accept, major relevant situations are impacting every issue and culture, and everyone one of all of our lives and concerns. Dr. McPherson discusses education or the lack of it. He explains how the interconnectedness of complex systems on our planet work and why understanding it is significant. He mentions why it is important to get your daily news from international news stations such as RT TV, CC TV, Al Jazeera, and Press TV, as well as from alternative stations…not from US mainstream channels. This is the most critical time in history to hear this presentation, and with a sense of urgency, to network it, because the extinction process in motion is accelerating like never before, at last in our lifetime.

This is not about giving up, getting depressed or fearing doom and gloom. This informative talk will deeply tap your heart as it is raising consciousness around the world while feeding our intelligence and supporting our intuitions in the context of this unique moment in time when we are discovering more and more about who we really are on earth and in the cosmos. Always with a message of compassion and love, Dr. McPherson incudes a valuable “What To Do Now List” that he has concluded after his decades of focus and intention to share as much as he can via personal contacts and through his 14 books, hundreds of publications, interviews and continual speaking engagements and tours. Thank you for listening, for supporting his hard work, and for helping others by networking this far and wide!

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