Taliesin's Murder, Son Of Asha Deliverance Inspires Global Movement

Asha Deliverance, Founder Pacific Domes, is the mother of Taliesin “Tilly” Myrddin Namkai Meche, whose throat was slashed when he stepped forward to protect two Muslim girls on a train in Portland, Oregon on May 26, 2017. Asha shares her deep, heartfelt story that is launching a huge, worldwide movement: “WE CHOOSE LOVE!” She shares his last words as he lay bleeding to his death in the arms of a women comforting him, “Tell everyone on the train that I love them!” Of course, whether we realize it or not, we are, all of us, on Tilly’s Train!

On the Carol Rosin Show, June 9, 2017, Asha discusses the fact that where we go from here will be up to each of us, and Taliesin is bringing us together now in a new way! Asha tells us that, even as a child, this boy was an angel of love on a mission. The story of Taliesin’s life and death can ignite our own inner power to create a new reality of Love in the face of violence and war. As Asha says here, with help from Taliesin, we all can begin to write a NEW story for ourselves, our schools, businesses, for the Complex and for our beloved Mother Earth.

In his memory, let’s shun hate and fear, let’s open our hearts and sally forth to take up the banner and do what we know we need to do NOW. Asha’s is a new kind of all-inclusive spiritual message: we are, every single one of us, soldiers of love on this World Train that is now en route to a different, emerging reality, all over our world. Taliesin’s life, his songs, his writings, document the mission he knew he was here to carry out. His life was, and is an Oriflamme to which we can all heal and repair. An Oriflamme was a flag raised on a field of battle around which scattered and dispirited forces could gather.

Taliesin is our flag! This is an urgent telegram to the sacred forces of the world with instructions to eschew hate and fear, suffering and destruction, and to embrace all sacred life. This is not rhetoric. This is not something you have ever heard before. Asha says, “Taliesin is a Bard, he is a magician. He created the future from the past to transform this planet as best he could -- not just through environmental work but through the heart, through his own sacrifice.” Taliesin’s death, his last words, are the salve to heal our wounds on earth and in the cosmos, where we live. They are the words of all the great Masters that have messaged and challenged us in the past. The abiding question then is: Will you leave your seat like Taliesin and walk forward to face hatred with love? Will you now activate as never before? As Taliesin’s father, Papa Chris, said at his son’s memorial, “They are trying to bury us, but they do not realize we are all seeds!”

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