Paola Harris tells the truth about Space People who are visiting earth

Whether you think you know a lot, or know little or nothing about the UFO and CONTACT with Cosmos Cultures issue, Paola Harris, a journalist and reporter for over thirty years, shares a great (!) summary of what is really happening on this issue.

Here is the Truth, sorting facts from fiction!  Paola Harris cites some of those she has interviewed about their experiences with beings from other dimensions and locations in the universes. She has published five books and organized several conferences. But, here, she courageously describes her personal LIVE meeting with a being not of this earth. Paola emphasizes that this UFO and Cosmos Culture phenomenon is global. And, as an Italian-American, she presents from an international perspective. 

Paola’s talk is very special because it comes from her heart and is packed with information and thought that taps into a high frequency of consciousness in us all...who and what we are! She talks about a different frequency of consciousness that is now entering earth’s beings: that itself is based on a growing awareness of consciousness. This is who we really are in these bodies and in the universes.

This awareness can awaken us to what we are capable of doing. She notes that earth weapons are ineffective against Cosmos Cultures. We must stop the Research and Development of destructive technologies and focus instead on our health and the environment. Paola shares real messages that the Cosmos Cultures are warning those who are open to hearing about the grave danger humans face because of our ignorance and ideological thinking. 

Humans are still causing massive ecological damage that is accelerating the extinction process that we face. She says simply, “It’s time to grow up!” And this discussion includes the fact that humans can continue cooperation in space by choosing the Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space introduced by Russia and China. This will open new portals of consciousness so we can live happily and healthily in clean, safe, and sustainable environments in real peace, on earth and in space, as Cosmos Cultures have evolved to do in the universes. She emphasizes what her interviewees have told her: that Cosmos Beings pose no threat to humanity or our environment. Paola points out that our Visitors have lived long lives and have traveled long distances without the use of fossil fuels. And, if they can, so can we humans. 

This conversation is about no less than the survival of all sacred life. You’ll want to network this important and unique interview around the world so it can touch more and more people's hearts, minds, spirits and consciousness at this critical time in history. This issue can help turn us towards peace, and all that comes with it. As Paola says, “My life as an investigative journalist and UFO researcher has been devoted to archiving expert witness testimony. I learned from my research that the biggest challenge we have is NOT the disclosure of UFO phenomena but instead the shifting of human consciousness. The Cosmic cultures are waiting for us to GROW UP so we can have an intelligent dialogue with them." Paola Harris

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