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Spiritual, mystical, and extraordinary experiences (SMEE) discussed by Dr. Robert “Bob” Davis, a renowned sensory neuroscientist, author, and lecturer, represent various types of non-ordinary or altered states of consciousness, and associated encounters with a so-called “supernatural world.” Many of these experiences have been widely reported throughout human history across cultures, but today have a significant meaning.

These experiences are most often characterized by perceptions of oneness/interconnectedness with the universe(s), positive emotions, alterations of spatial and temporal awareness, insight and wisdom, a sense of true spirituality, the absence of physical and mental objects of ordinary consciousness, and the compelling sense that the experience feels “real,” often resulting in the recognition of the message of “love.” A few studies even suggest that an aspect of consciousness (ASC) may actually represent the key unifying characteristic that explains each distinct SMEE (e.g., out-of-body and near-death experiences, extrasensory perception, and interactions with non-human intelligence, among others).

The limited studies and associated results, however, warrant the need for sponsored funding to help build upon prior research findings. The personal and societal implications of the conclusions, if sufficiently validated, may have a profound effect on our perspectives of ourselves and life. This is especially needed at this time of turmoil and accelerating extinctions. If we can better understand how consciousness works, its relation to the origin of life, and possibly even further developed to the benefit of the individual, then the research initiatives may help to move us forward in ways that will benefit all.

A multidisciplinary approach, implemented by leading scholars with sufficient resources and support, is required initially to initiate this objective. Although our current medical and scientific concepts are inadequate to explain all aspects of reported SMEEs, certain features appear to correspond with some of the basic principles Dr. Davis explains, from quantum mechanics, such as ESP (extra-sensory perception), knowledge of existence in another dimensions without a body, the perception of time as if the past, present, and future are existing simultaneously and instantaneously, and the instantaneous information exchange in a timeless and placeless dimension.

After writing over sixty scholarly articles, two books, and speaking on various relevant issues around the world, Dr. Davis shows that, collectively, such principles may provide the so-called “missing links” for development of a unified field theory of consciousness. These concepts, supported by both theoretical, experimental evidence, and anecdotal evidence, may have impotent positive implications for all concerned, especially for decision makers, and those who influence them, to improve our standard of living and quality of care for the greater good. This new evidence, discussed by Dr. Davis, suggests that what may be considered by current scientific mainstream standards (noting that newly developed scientific, principles, methods, and language are required…) as “anomalous” activity, may actually be related to an explainable by yet to be discovered principles that has the potential to provide significant benefits on a personal, societal, and planetary level in many unforeseen ways.

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