Jaime Maussan's Urgent Personal Message/Facts/Vision-Re Possible ET Mummies

International award-winning investigative journalist, Jaime Maussan, releases world changing evidence about Peruvian discovered mummies that do not look like human…here, in this interview, Jaime presents this in his most personal, deeply intimate and heartfelt way.

This hour is profoundly important, exciting and inspiring, while including frustrations and dangers that this kind of game changing evidence brings when presenting some truths and facts. Yet with courage, determination and dedication to this issue, what Jaime brings to us is presented at an extremely critical moment in our time, which he describes in detail.

After 47 years as one of the most famous investigative journalists in our time, focused on many issues and primarily on UFO and ET evidence, Jaime passionately presents this discovery in an overview of what is already proving the biggest game changer in our lifetime…and as he says, this has only just begun! Whether these mummies prove to be ETs, related to ETs or humans, whatever these Beings prove to be when the test results come in, the frequency of consciousness of all humanity has already been raised by his conversation and research, as is proven by the fact that within only the first hours of releasing this information, over 24 MILLION viewers watched the Gaia TV’s six minute intro video illuminating what this is all about. Humanoid like mummies discovered in the region of the famed Nazca Lines in Peru, that do not resemble humans, are suddenly bringing us together in a new way, into a new frequency of consciousness and awareness.

The mummies, one of whom has already been named Maria, are right now being scientifically investigated for DNA and other evidence to find out who they might be. Jaime discusses how this discovery is already bringing us closer around the world to a revelation also about who we humans really are, from an historical earthbound perspective to a current and cosmic view, and into a futuristic vision into which we can all move quickly so that we really can all live healthily, sustainably, and peacefully together on this garden water paradise planet as he says. Jaime describes a brand new and feasible reality, a vision that can be created for us right now and for future generations, with changes that will occur in our systems and beliefs…and we can adapt to this, he says.

He discusses what the impact of this amazing discovery is going to have on all life, on our environment, and on our possible survival on this planet. This is a most unique, deeply sensitive, emotionally moving, and packed with factual information presentation of great value to all decision makers and peoples on our planet by Jaime Maussan, a most highly respected visionary and treasure in our time. Everything changes right now!

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