Dr Steven Greer’s update: Info beyond where he has ever gone before

Do not miss Dr. Steve Greer on The Carol Rosin Show, September 15, 2017, as Dr. Steven Greer goes beyond where he has ever gone before in this comprehensive packed update and overview, including his three part “TO DO, now. He tells us about what’s really going on right now regarding UFO’s, and about what we can and need to get done locally, nationally, around the world and in the context higher universal being perspective and cosmic one consciousness, and why.

This very special timely briefing introduces the complexity of this issue as it fits into today’s environmental, economic, political, technical, social, cultural, spiritual and psychological states with his feasible new vision and a concise strategic new action plan for change. This presentation reaches beyond disclosure and into ideas for forming exciting clusters to produce pivotal producing actions, solutions, that lead us away from the current extinction process and into a beautiful realistic near-term future that can actually happen if these specific steps are taken…we can do this!

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