Autism & Alzheimer's and MORE: Man Made epidemics with a drug-free cure. Carol Rosin show presents Rima Laibow, MD, the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation. Here she offers her vitally important drug-free healing information and techniques that address symptoms and solutions relevant to many health challenges, with a primary focus on Autism.

Dr. Rima Laibow introduces her new, breakthrough book, The Definitive Autism Action Plan: Healing Your Autistic Child, available at . With almost 50 years of clinical experience, Dr. Rima states here, unequivocally, that she knows that autism is a man-made, worldwide epidemic and that it is curable! In addition to her Definitive Autism Action Plan ebook, Dr. Rima has created a special website for the community of families dealing with retrieving their autistic children, on a special website continually updated with new and useful information.

The site also facilitates a special support group for those affected families. In the context of explaining what autism and Alzheimer’s really are, for example, Dr. Rima guides us through steps to take from getting accurate diagnoses, keeping a journal, diet, supplements, detoxing, education, emotional and social support, protecting our immune systems, frequencies, homeopathy, resources, a list of suggested products, and more. She courageously discusses the overriding profit motive that has led to historic cover-ups that have lead to this catastrophic growing epidemic.

Dr. Rima presents powerful truths about vaccines and about our rights, including the way to refuse vaccines for ourselves and for our children. Instead of naming this drug-free approach “alternative medicine,” Dr. Rima says this is, on the contrary, “advanced medicine.” Why? Because it is!

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