Asha Deliverance Geodesic Interstellar Virtual Innovative Solution Realities

ASHA DELIVERANCE, on The Carol Rosin Show, packs these two hours with the most profoundly important, urgent, and feasible and exciting descriptions of how the Geodesic Dome is actually an architecture that incorporates universal and ancient understanding about resonance and frequency that can now bring us into sustainable harmonious living and development around this planet...and MUCH MORE! 

The frequency of the dome raises consciousness so that all on earth can live safely and sustainability. WE can spread the word that HERE is a way to move forward that will solve so many urgent and potential problems on our beautiful home planet, and as we also evolve into the space frontier…in peace!

Asha explains Singularity and resonance fields, including how to create harmonious societies TODAY via geodesic architecture. Her vision even includes our “world in space” view, developed by many top world thinkers: scientists, physicists,  and the corporate executives with whom she works.  These are people who think outside the box, even beyond the universe.  She proposes that all solutions are already available in what is, in actuality, a perfect universe. Now is the time to get this info to our presidents and to all world leaders via any methods you have. It’s a realistic feasible positive vision that has already been manifesting…a new focus that our leaders and decision makers have a need to know about…as it replaces the old with the new with ease!

She explains how important building Geodesic Domes is and will be to all who are pondering survival, sustainability, rapid response to physical emergencies (as was her work in Haiti post-earthquake and in other parts of the world where she has sent domes and info) and for the homeless. Geodesic Domes are the strongest of structures that can withstand wind, storms, freezing, and heat and earth catastrophes such as earthquakes, etc. This has proven to be a fact. She elaborates on many projects that she has already manifested such as exciting and informative Virtual Reality Theaters and a vision of fantastic Space Age educational domes that will present ways students and others can participation in creating solutions for every issue of concern.  Amazing projection projects (including an animal, nature and environmental portrait on the Vatican by her son…), dome planetariums, dome greenhouses, astronauts living in a dome biosphere preparing for our future Mission to Mars (learning about life, environmental and energy sciences), as well as Eco-Dome villages (including shelter for the poor) and creative Virtual Dome Travel Events in all kinds of locations.

World leaders, corporate executives, and ordinary citizens dealing with every issue of concern can go to Asha’s website ( can also visit locations to further explore domes for living, working, healing, education, energy, and biodynamic sustainable permaculture models.

“Domeology” (a word coined by Asha) is about an ancient technology that offers us the real opportunity, TODAY, to shift our consciousness from war and the consequences, unhealthy competition, and ultimate continued suffering and destruction (leading us further into an extinction process) to a very old, ancient resonant frequency and reality that can lead us to healthy, happy, sustainable and peaceful living NOW on this tiny planet spinning so bravely in endless space.

It’s up to us all to spread the word, to present this vision all over the world (!) with examples of actual manifested dome projects that will show our world leaders and other decision makers, including grassroots activists, that there is a different, already successful, profitable path that leads us to a beautiful future.

Asha Deliverance introduces the Geodesic Dome into your awareness and that of our children to continue, into your community, your business and industries, your government and including into your military.   There is a new role for all now. Asha educates about and has produced dome projects around the world.  New ways for humanity - earth and space! Prepare for situations. NEW possibilities and Asha's vision is already being manifested.  Contact Asha to learn more and to get involved! Go to to see how to help transform the old game into a new one, and help spread Asha’s words and this YouTube link.



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